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What Is A RICO Charge?

Recently, the federal government charged fourteen members of the New York gang known as the Double

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What Is The Difference Between Probation & Parole In New York?

People often speak of probation and parole as if they’re interchangeable, but they are two different

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What To Do If Your Firearms Are Stolen In New York

Part of being a responsible gun owner is keeping careful track of your firearms and

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How Does Bail Work In A Federal Criminal Case?

Pretrial release is essential for defendants facing charges. Pretrial release allows defendants to contribute to

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How Messenger Apps Could Impact Your New York Criminal Case

You may think that your conversations on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other messenger services are completely

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What Is Criminal Mischief In New York?

Criminal mischief refers to crimes that are a) non-violent in nature and b) related to

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What Is A Hate Crime In New York?

Recently, Governor Kathy Hochul announced the New York State Division of Human Rights will be launching

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Understanding NYC Assault Laws

Can you go to jail for taking a swing at another person during a bar

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When May Law Enforcement Conduct A Search Without A Warrant In New York?

For the most part, the Fourth Amendment protects New Yorkers against unreasonable searches and seizures. Yet there

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Manhattan Prosecutors Move To Vacate 188 Misdemeanor Convictions

The work of eight police officers stretching back to 2001 was called into question due to

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