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Why The Decriminalization Of Marijuana May Not Spare You An Arrest

The possibility of fully legalizing marijuana in New York is on the horizon, but it’s

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NYC Criminal Attorney: Why Are Fees Different From Attorney To Attorney?

Here in New York City, as elsewhere, legal fees can vary wildly depending on which

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4 Things You Must Know If Your Child Is Accused Of A NY Felony

Learning your child is accused of an NY felony is difficult news to hear. Whether

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5 Of The Top Crimes In New York City That Need A Criminal Lawye

While it’s always wise to have a private criminal lawyer on your side for any

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Digging Into Assault Charges: What Is A Possible Defense?

Assault and aggravated assault are serious offenses in the State of New York. Either of

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2 Ways Your New York City Grand Larceny Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Grand larceny is one of the most serious crimes you could ever be accused of.

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4 Things NOT To Do If Accused Of Date Rape

The consequences of date rape accusations can be devastating. Following a report to the police

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