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How To Choose A Good Bail Bondsman

When you need to post bail you may believe any bail bondsman will do. But

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Avoid Theft Charges: Check Your Cart And Check It Twice

It’s probably not surprising to learn theft and shoplifting charges spike during the holiday season. And while no

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5 Things To Expect If You Testify In A NYC Criminal Trial

The decision to testify in an NYC criminal trial is always made with the advice

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DWI Reminders For The Holiday Season

As everyone in NYC races to holiday parties the chances of getting pulled over due

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Is Ignorance Of The Law A Defense To NY Criminal Charges?

Are you facing NY criminal charges? If so, it is time to hire a defense

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How To Help A Loved One Who Has Been Accused Of A Crime

When someone you care about gets arrested it’s natural to feel paralyzed. How did this

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