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What Are You Actually Being Charged With When You’re Arrested At A Protest In NYC?

The First Amendment protects our right to assembly. Yet police arrest people at protests all the time.

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Can NYPD Use Inventory Search Evidence?

When police officers impound a vehicle, they usually take inventory of everything found inside that

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4 Signs The Feds Are Investigating You

The federal government has extensive resources to throw at any investigation. When they come for

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Understanding The Classes Of New York Felony Charges

Some felonies are more severe than others. In New York, felonies get classified into five

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What Should You Do If Federal Agents Raid Your Home Or Business?

Last week, a New York man made news by sitting on the edge of a skyscraper

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How Your NYC Home Protects You From Law Enforcement

Did you know that your own home offers some protection from law enforcement? Many of

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How Immunity Works In A Federal Criminal Case

You hear it on crime shows all the time. A defendant stares meaningfully at a

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Understanding The Armed Career Criminal Act

If prosecutors charge you under the Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA) you face mandatory minimum sentences of

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What Happens If You Drive On A Suspended License In NYC?

A license suspension is a serious business. While you might be tempted to ignore it

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What Is A Target Letter?

Federal criminal cases don’t work the same way state criminal cases do. Target letters are

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