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About Our Firm

At Greco Neyland, PC, our New York City attorneys conduct a thorough investigation into all accusations and the circumstances surrounding them. This is the best way to ensure we find every possible defense and makes us the most prepared to take on prosecutors and get charges reduced or dismissed.

We value honesty, and we will always be transparent with our clients about the process and frank in our assessments.

Meet Our Experienced Team

Jeff Greco, a former prosecutor, leads our New York City office. Jeff is licensed to practice in state and federal courts and represents clients on any criminal matter. He has been trained to conduct the same tests as police use in DWIs, enabling him to know exactly how an office may have made mistakes. His knowledge of both sides of the criminal courtroom makes him an effective advocate for the accused.

Jeffery Greco Attorney

Meet Jeffery Greco

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Eli Crozier Attorney

Eli Crozier

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