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5 Tips For Getting Back On Your Feet After A Criminal Conviction

As New York City criminal lawyers we work hard to make sure our clients stay out of

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NY Sexual Assault: When It’s A Crime, Repercussions, & Your Defense

This past summer several newspapers and online publications released startling statistics about reports of rape

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4 Things You Should Know About A First DWI In New York

Are you facing charges for driving while intoxicated (DWI) in New York City? All charges

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What You Need To Know About Court Fees And Fines

Many people don’t know it, but our justice system comes with some invisible punishments that

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Understanding Murder Vs Manslaughter Charges In New York

At the end of October, a woman from the Upper West Side of New York

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Cybercrimes: How The Internet Has Changed NY Theft Crimes

It is 2018, and do you know where the majority of NY theft crimes take

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