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What Is New York’s Felony Murder Rule?

It can happen in a heartbeat. Someone sets out to commit a robbery. Just a

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Beware: In New York, There Are No Statute Of Limitation Protections For These Crimes

Sometimes, you can outlast a crime. Commit the crime, get into no further trouble, and

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What To Do If You’re Accused Of Violating Parole

It would be nice to think the threat of prison is gone once you are

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Defending Sex Crimes: Accidental Download Of Child Pornography

At Greco Neyland in New York City, we have been defending sex crimes for many

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How Best To React To Accusations Of Sexual Assault

The #MeToo movement has altered society’s reaction to accusations of sexual assault and other forms

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Big Data May Play A Big Role In Your Criminal Case

There has never been a more complex time to be accused of a crime. For

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Can An Undocumented Immigrant Contact A New York Criminal Lawyer?

Criminal defense is available to all people in New York, correct? Most people in NYC

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