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Can You Get Removed From The Sex Offender Registry In New York?

For sex offenders, the punishment for being convicted doesn’t stop after getting out of jail. It continues with the sex offender registry.

Being on the registry can lead to social isolation, humiliation, loss of relationships, an inability to get jobs, and an inability to get housing. It comes with restrictions on where you can live and work. Offenders must also notify the state when they move, report all of their Internet screen names, ISPs, and accounts, verify their addresses every 90 days with law enforcement, and inform the police if they are pursuing higher education. Some must also notify the state of employment changes.

Yet some people who end up on the registry weren’t the dangerous predators they’re imagined to be. And while it is not possible to fully remove your name from the registry, it is possible to get a risk reduction. Lowering your risk level can reduce many of the consequences that come from being on the registry at all.

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