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Manhattan Prosecutors Move To Vacate 188 Misdemeanor Convictions

The work of eight police officers stretching back to 2001 was called into question due to police misconduct.

The misconduct included:

  • Perjury
  • Selling controlled substances
  • Unlawful searches
  • Accepting bribes
  • Stealing evidence
  • Doctoring photo lineups

At least one officer pled guilty to pressuring women into giving him sexual favors in return for release. Another faced felony sexual abuse charges.

The former officers have themselves been convicted of these crimes. Meanwhile, Judge Kevin B. McGrath Jr. dismissed 188 of these police officer’s convictions.

Most of the cases that are being dismissed are for possession or sale of a controlled substance, including marijuana, and for driving-related offenses. Despite these being minor crimes, those who are convicted of such offenses continue to face difficulties finding employment and housing.

None of the convictions which stand to be vacated involve current incarcerations but clearing the records of the individuals who are convicted of these crimes will still go a long way towards helping them repair their lives.

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