First Steps If You Are Arrested For Embezzlement In New York

Maybe the movies made it seem exciting to be involved with white-collar crime and embezzlement in New York, but reality lacks any of Hollywood’s glamour. Instead these serious criminal charges come with the potential for a life-altering prison sentence and other negative consequences. In fact, even in the movies these individuals rarely end up with a happy ending.

Yet, embezzlement in New York is common, where many big businesses, banks, and other lending institutions are headquartered. And CEOs or executives of big companies aren’t the only ones at risk of embezzlement charges. Often individuals involved with startups and new businesses are even more susceptible to these charges because they don’t know the rules around how to handle expenses, reporting, and corporate funds.

Irrespective of why or how you found yourself facing charges for white-collar crime, the need for a strong defense is the same. This begins with taking actionable, proactive steps to mitigate the consequences of embezzlement charges. If you are arrested for embezzlement in New York, these are the first steps you need to take towards a strong defense.

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#1 – Learn About Embezzlement In New York

It is essential that you understand the reasons for your arrest or the criminal charges against you. Whether guilty or innocent of the crime, you need to know how your behavior relates to the crime of embezzlement in New York. Sometimes, defendants are able to acquire and assess this information on their own, but that isn’t recommended. White-collar crime, such as embezzlement in New York, can be complicated and complex; in part because embezzlement can be either a federal or state crime in New York.

As the most common federal white-collar crime, there are specific statutes put in place by the federal government that relate to embezzlement. However, states often have their own theft laws or separate statues that criminalize embezzlement. Therefore, you must know who might bring charges against you.

A best approach is to contact a lawyer that handles defense of this crime, such as Greco Neyland Attorneys at Law in Manhattan.

Many people who are suspected or arrested for embezzlement or other white-collar crime worry that approaching an attorney is equal to an admission of guilt. However, the prosecution cannot use the fact that you contacted a lawyer or requested information on embezzlement as a sign of your guilt. Taking these necessary steps in your defense

#2 – Stop Any Perceived Or Actual Criminal Behavior

If federal investigators of New York City police officers have recently made a stop in your office, and you are guilty of embezzlement or other crimes your response might be to cover your tracks. However, this only digs a deeper hole and builds upon the evidence against you. Plus, as you backtrack and try to cover up one crime, you are likely to commit others.

Instead, hit the pause button on your actions at work, and in particular your involvement with any money or funds in the workplace. Whether it is best to halt certain practices, implement new ones, or simply maintain the status quo in terms of other individuals at the business is something to discuss with your attorney.

#3 – Look For Outside Information And Counsel

Embezzlement in New York and other white-collar offenses are criminal offenses. While these crimes are inexplicably entwined with other areas of law, such as estate planning, if embezzlement by an executor or trustee, or corporate law, if embezzlement from a business, an arrest or charges for these actions falls under criminal law. For defense to these charges you need a New York City criminal attorney.

Specifically, you should hire a criminal defense lawyer that focuses on white-collar crime. Prior experience with both state or federal charges of embezzlement can be important to correctly addressing procedural questions or strategy for your defense..

Most Importantly…

 An arrest for embezzlement in New York is serious. It is absolutely essential recognize that an arrest will likely lead to actual criminal charges, and these criminal charges could result in imprisonment. To prepare for potential charges, you need a qualified white-collar defense attorney by your side.

Find some of the best criminal lawyers in New York at Greco Neyland Attorneys at Law. To discuss an arrest or charges of embezzlement, other white-collar crime, call our office 24/7 at 212-951-1300.

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