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This 5 starts is for Mehdi Essmidi. One day I was driving and accidentally I took a wrong way. Therefore, I was pulled over by a police officer and got a Reckless driven citation, ticket. I was so worried about it because I never had a criminal history in my life and that criminal ticket could ruined my life. But, thank God I met Attorney Mehdi Essmidi. He supported me since the first day we met. Mehdi is a professional and at the same time his personality is incredible. Mehdi is so friendly that when you meet him you might even forget his your attorney. He always answers my phone calls and reply to my text messages. Mehdi helps me to dismiss my reckless driving ticket on my very first hearing. I really recommend Mehdi to represent you. You won’t be disappointed because he will do the best of his ability to help you solve your matter. I’am very happy today that my ticket was dismissed. Thank you Mehdi. In addition, thank you Daniel and to all Greco neyland staff.

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