The best of the best!!!! I had bad blood with neighbors that lasted many years, which led to me being accused of vandalizing their car. I have no criminal history at all by the way. i found out that i had to turn myself in, so before i did i called up Jeff Greco late at night. he returned my phone call early the next morning and had a meeting. He got in touch with the detective and got me a DAT. I didn’t have to step one foot in a jail cell for something i never did. throughout the course of the case his team was excellent. i couldn’t of asked for anything more . During the case i was being accused again of vandalizing their car on two other occasions, which led to more adjournments. Anytime i was worried about something that had to do with the case, Jeff was there, he was straight didn’t sugar coat anything and was persistent. I finally got an ACD pretty quickly considering the false accusations and I owe it all to Greco and his team of amazing lawyers. He made me feel protected and well defended during a not so wonderful time in my life.

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