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It is not until one is faced with a legal matter that one realizes that our legal system is far from perfect, and that innocence does not necessarily exempt you from legal jeopardy. Once caught in a legal matter, there is an emotional and stressful toll to pay which derives from the uncertainty of the unknown. I am very pleased and grateful that I was able to retain Brian’s services to attend to a most unpleasant experience. Throughout the duration, Brian was supportive and understanding. He explained legal lingo in terms that I could understand and often forwarded links to source where I could further understand the matters at hand. Brian displayed a commanding knowledge of his field while exercising caution in offering advice out of his area of expertise. While it is apparent that Brian is adroit in the courtroom, I was able to ascertain that he is a warm and caring professional. As my case developed and eventually unfolded into a very successful resolution, I was very happy and grateful that I had Brian Valerio in my corner.

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