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2020 was a rough year for everyone. But for me it was even further burdened with my first arrest and being charged with multiple felonies. Thankfully I found my amazing lawyer, Mehdi. From our first sit down I knew I was in good hands. This man literally (and metaphorically) held my hand through almost a year of court appearances, charges, and eventually my plea deal. He told me one Day 1 that the best case scenarip would be a Disorderly Conduct but it would be a long and hard road to try to get that. Word to the wise: do NOT admit all your guilt at time of arrest! Somehow this magical lawyer did it, he got a plea for Disorderly Conduct! He worked tirelessly and hard for it. He calmed my anxiety and called me to give me updates as soon as he got them. Even though I know he had other clients, I very much felt like a priority. I was heard and understood. I can not express enough gratitude and thanks to Mehdi for, honestly, saving my life. Going through a criminal charge is very stressful and very scary. But Mehdi not only helped me but made me happy. I am overjoyed with how my case turned out. Highly highly recommend if you find yourself in a situation where you need a lawyer.

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