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I offer the highest possible recommendation for Mehdi Essmidi to represent anyone that requires a criminal defense attorney. Without the help of Mr. Essmidi of Greco Neyland, PC, I know that I would not have had the successful outcome I have had. Mr. Essmidi took the time to comprehend and understand my position. Mr. Essmidi made me feel comfortable as well as keeping constant communication with me while answering any questions I had. Mr. Essmidi made sure to take the time to explain my options so I could weigh the pros and cons and come to a conclusion that I believed was accurate and fair. Mr. Essmidi was a true professional at all times and knows his way around the court system. He went above and beyond what I expected and was fair with his billing as well. I would highly recommend Mr. Essmidi and the firm of Greco Neyland, PC.

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