In the News: Marijuana Legalization Struggling in NY

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting marijuana legalization you may be in for a disappointment. According to The New York Times, two days ago, efforts to legalize marijuana seemed to stall in New York, in part because they fell apart in New Jersey.
Senator Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan) responded by introducing a new bill. She has hopes this one stands a better chance.
At it’s heart, the issue around legalization may not be the legalization itself, but where all the resulting revenue goes.
Even if the state approves marijuana legalization, some people won’t be able to access it legally. Four New York counties intend to opt out of legalization, including the counties on Long Island.
This comes as bad news to people who may already have marijuana charges on their record. New York’s legalization initiative included proposals which would have cleared past criminal records for minor drug offenses.
New York has drafted a bill to loosen restrictions on medical marijuana. As of right now patients with medical need may acquire a 30 day supply. But smoking the marijuana is not an approved method of ingesting it, which means your registry ID won’t help you if police catch you smoking a joint on a street corner.
Currently, medical marijuana is restricted to those with severe debilitating or life-threatening conditions.
If you’ve jumped the gun and have begun acting as if marijuana is legal, you’re not alone. New York recently cracked down on cafes and restaurants offering CBD coffees and smoothies.
If you’re going to take chances, keep in mind the amount you possess, where you’re smoking it, and where it’s seen can make a big difference to what you’re charged with. While we in no way suggest anyone should break the law, it does happen, and marijuana is generating a lot of confusion right now.
Possessing less than 25 grams of marijuana outside of “plain view” constitutes a “violation.” You would receive a desk appearance ticket, similar to a traffic ticket. A first offense could mean an $100 fine. A second offense could mean a $200 fine and 15 days in jail.
15 days is usually more than enough to put most people out of a job. This is why we usually try to help our clients receive an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACD). This allows you to perform community service instead of going to jail.
Possessing more than 25 grams is still a criminal act. If you have between 25 grams and two ounces the crime is a misdemeanor. Anything more is a felony. And selling marijuana still comes with tough penalties.
If you’re facing marijuana charges, you need a strong criminal defense team on your side. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Greco Neyland have a great deal of experience defending marijuana charges.
Don’t let a marijuana charge ruin your life. Contact our offices today to get the help you need.


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