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New York Criminal Defense Attorneys Jeff Greco and Dustan Neyland are experienced federal defense attorneys. They both have handled federal cases in New York, as well as other states. Because of this experience, they understand the special issues and challenges you face when you are charged with a federal crime. While Greco Neyland, PC may be on your side, time is not, so you need to act fast.

Target or Suspect in a Federal Investigation? You Need Representation Immediately!

Many individuals who are a target, suspect, or a potential witness in a federal investigation elect to take a wait and see approach. While it may be tempting to defer the decision to retain an experienced federal criminal defense attorney until you know you will be facing charges, you cannot afford to procrastinate. Every moment that you delay allows you to become more deeply entangled in the law enforcement investigation and propels you closer to an actual encounter with the law enforcement agency conducting the investigation.

If you put off the decision to retain legal representation, you will be unprepared when six federal agents appear at your door to execute a search warrant or to arrest you. What you do and say under the pressure of this stressful confrontation can impact the rest of your life. The value of your freedom, reputation, and career is too great to face this type of encounter without legal counsel or representation. We recommend you call us immediately, so we can walk you through your case and conduct a thorough in-depth analysis to determine the defense strategies we can employ to prevent your situation from spiraling out of control.

New York Federal Court – Be Prepared for It

If you watch the news or read newspapers, you might know that New York’s Southern and Eastern Districts provide forums for trying major criminal cases involving terrorists and other sensational headline grabbing trials. If you are facing the Assistant United States Attorney in either of these forums, the process can be brutal with a serious threat of a punishment that is harsh and uncompromising.

The knowledge that the full weight and resources of the federal government is focused on depriving you of your freedom can be a frightening and stress-inducing experience. While there are many skilled criminal defense attorneys in New York who are in state court every day, you need a federal criminal defense lawyer who has extensive experience handling criminal cases in Federal Court. This experience is necessary so that your attorney is familiar with Federal Court rules and procedures, strategies employed by federal prosecutors, and federal law enforcement agency practices. When you go to battle with someone with this background, you create the best chance of staying out of prison.

At Greco Neyland, PC, our attorneys understand your fears and concerns. Our attorneys are licensed to defend your liberty in Federal Court in both the Eastern District and Southern Districts of New York. The Eastern District is located in Brooklyn, NY while the Southern District is located in both Manhattan and White Plains, NY.

Many clients charged with federal crimes in Westchester County, New York have never been the subject of a criminal prosecution in either Federal Court or State Court. This lack of familiarity with the criminal justice system can make an already scary situation even more upsetting because you have no idea what to expect. We know you have many questions that you need answered, but time is of the essence because the federal prosecutor is busy building a case against you.

Selecting a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

The process of hiring a New York Federal Criminal Defense Attorney is the initial step in developing a defense designed to protect you when confronted with federal drug charges. While the process of hiring a lawyer may not seem like a simple task, it also does not need to be particularly difficult either. The key is to understand the skills and experience you need to provide the best chance of success:

Experience with a Criminal Defense Focus: While there are many attorneys who practice in a range of practice areas like family law, personal injury, probate, and other specialties along with criminal defense, at Greco Neyland, PC, the entire focus and resources of our law firm are devoted to defending those accused of criminal offenses. Our attorneys have no interest in being jacks of all trades, we want to be masters of one – criminal defense! While we have other attorneys in our office that handle other types of cases, our partners only handle serious criminal matters.

Cost vs. Quality: The rates that criminal defense attorneys charge can cover a fairly broad spectrum. While you might be tempted to retain the attorney with the lowest rate, you need to consider the possibility of a mandatory minimum term in the federal penitentiary as an additional cost. When you try to evaluate cost and face an eight-year mandatory minimum, you need to consider the “opportunity cost” of spending the next eight years in prison rather than working. The most expensive attorney in New York is not necessarily the right choice for you, but the converse is also true. However, there is some truth to the adage “you get what you pay for” in this context.

Insider Knowledge of Former Prosecutors: When you must confront the exceptional ability of federal prosecutors and draconian punishment embodied in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, you need every advantage that you can get on your side. Our founding partners at Greco Neyland, PC bring the unique insight of prior felony prosecutors in the nation’s 3rd largest county.

Accessible and Informative: Going through the federal court system is a daunting prospect, but attorneys that are available to answer your questions and concerns can demystify the process and make the road ahead a little less frightening. When you interview federal criminal defense attorneys, you should pay attention to whether they are accessible and informative or anxious to wrap up your consultation and rush you out the door. Our attorneys strive to respond to calls and emails the same business day or in some rare cases by the next day.

Unraveling the Federal Court System in New York

While our goal is to explain the federal criminal justice system, your exposure to penalties, and potential defenses, we adhere to the concept of full disclosure. We will provide the information you need to put your mind at ease by answering your questions. Our attorneys will tell you what you need to know rather than what you hope to hear. When you must make important decisions about retaining an attorney and strategies for moving forward, you need straightforward candid advice, not inflated or unrealistic assertions.

Your Advocates in the Federal Criminal Justice System

Greco  Neyland, PC has offices to serve you in both lower Manhattan and White Plains, NY. Because our offices are located close to the Southern District Federal Courthouse and the Eastern District Federal Courthouse, we are conveniently situated in the hub of the Federal Judicial System in New York.

If you or a loved one is the subject of or target of a Federal investigation, or indictment, please call us today at (914) 898-8800 or click here to schedule your free consultation.

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