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Elvis Vargas

Eli was extremely helpful with my case. I had an open case for over 34 years. Many lawyers couldn’t help and/or took advantage of my situation. I spent a lot of money on other lawyers but here at Greco Neyland I was able to resolve my case. Eli was very organized and made sure everything was clear and understandable for me since Spanish is my first language. I am beyond grateful for his services. This place is amazing and not expensive!

Oriolis Cantalicio

This guy’s are the best I strongly recommend it

Navin Bajrangi

Jeff and team did a wonderful job defending me in NYC. I live out of state, so I needed someone trustworthy and sharp. Highly recommended, great communication.

Ngierot Edward-Smith

He did exactly what he said that he would. Provided me with plenty of information and stuck to his word. Was able to get the case resolved quickly.

O (O the Lion)

I never thought I would be so comfortable going to court. I was facing serious charges but JEFF and his team came through for me. The office is beautiful. From the consultation I felt secure that this was the firm I could rely on. Always available to answer my questions, always on time to court, and charismatic. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a great attorney.

Nazmul Hussain

He is the best… such a real talented man. He dismissed my case only 3 hearing. My 3rd Degree felony is now only a violation and I just had 8 days community service 😀. God bless you Jeff!

Jose Cabrera

2 years ago I was charged with a crime “cash smuggling ” I made the mistake of not reporting the amount of cash I was taking out of the USA . Prior to that I’ve never committed a crime , not even a traffic ticket on my record. So you can imagine what I felt that day that I was arrested. I’ve never been in a trial before , I didn’t know who to call, I didn’t know any lawyers in this type of case. Thank God my sister in law worked in a attorneys office so she ask her boss (attorney) if she knew somebody GOOD In this type of cases. Her boss automatically said he needs somebody with power and with a good record -MR. Jeffery L. Greco (Jeff) . Having Jeff by my side was the Best decision I’ve made in my life. The level of professionalism and caring of this man is Amazing . I’ve always heard that lawyers are just interesting in the money , it wasn’t the case with “Jeff ” he wanted me free, he wanted me to keep my job and enjoyed the freedom with my family . He kept money to the side , he worked with me, with my situation , and he was never intimidated by the Judge. I can not stress enough how he treated me through out the entire case, so much respect . I don’t know much lawyers, but He is the one you want to defend you. I didn’t step a foot in jail, i was able to keep my job, and now I’m enjoying freedom. Jeff and I still text each other here and there , is like we’re family , i consider him my friend. I owed my life to this man, best attorney ever. Jose L Cabrera .

Salvador reyes

Very amazing people! Jeff Greco took my case, and made me feel confident from the very first time I met him looked me rite in the eyes and told me everything would be okay. Was with me every step of the way communication was always open was even given his personal cell phone and he was available night and day… Goes without saying that I am very pleased with the service Mr. Greco and his team gave me… Would recommend to anyone 100%… Thank you so much you helped me and my family!

Kelvin Camilo

first offense for me and i was super nervous. i called multiple attorneys and the first thing they would ask was if you knew my fee. From the moment i spoke to Jeff Greco he made me feel like we were friends and I made a mistake and not to worry he has my back. Jeff was available at all times and when ever I texted he was prompt, no matter how many questions I had, which happened to be a lot. He got my case dismissed and made sure I was comfortable the whole time I time he was defending me. I would definitely recommend Jeffrey Greco.

Jose Gonzalez

I was facing 20 years to life for a federal conspiracy case. Jeff push for a speedy trail the goverment came down to ten years it being is one time deal offer then came down to three years and finally a week before trial try to change my trial date. Jeff wrote a letter apposing this adjourment which the judge apposed. Two weeks later jeff walk me out from jail with time served. Till this day i can text him and he will answer me jeff is like a friend that i owe my life to. From my experience being in federal jail most attorney wont fight for you because the federal govement is unbeatable the only thing he ask for was for the truth which i did tell him and he took it from there . Thank you jeff

Ant V

I’m just going to start this review by saying Jeff Greco is amazing attorney. I have absolutely no complaints about the service he provided me. He was knowledgeable, available at all times and very understanding. I can tell Jeff Greco actually cared about me and the situation I was going through. He seemed well connected and respected in the court system community and got my case dropped from a DWI charge to a violation very swiftly. I was going through financial problems, he not once pressured me about payments. Again not only is he an Amazing attorney but also an AMAZING human being. I would recondmend Mr. Jeff Greco to anyone!

Boris Pekhman

Jeff Greco is a wonderful attorney! He took my case and worked it very hard, he also supported me so much, explaining to me the details. He did exactly what he promised. The case didn’t go to trial. Thank you Jeff!!!
I strongly recomend this highly professional, wonderful attorney!

Sofia Carbonera

Mr. Jeff Greco has complete understanding of law, high standard of ethics and honesty, and communication. I highly recommend GRECO NEYLAND!


The best of the best!!!! I had bad blood with neighbors that lasted many years, which led to me being accused of vandalizing their car. I have no criminal history at all by the way. i found out that i had to turn myself in, so before i did i called up Jeff Greco late at night. he returned my phone call early the next morning and had a meeting. He got in touch with the detective and got me a DAT. I didn’t have to step one foot in a jail cell for something i never did. throughout the course of the case his team was excellent. i couldn’t of asked for anything more . During the case i was being accused again of vandalizing their car on two other occasions, which led to more adjournments. Anytime i was worried about something that had to do with the case, Jeff was there, he was straight didn’t sugar coat anything and was persistent. I finally got an ACD pretty quickly considering the false accusations and I owe it all to Greco and his team of amazing lawyers. He made me feel protected and well defended during a not so wonderful time in my life.

Shannon Comeaux

Working with Jeff Greco was super easy. The lawyers at this firm (Jeff & Brian) stay attentive to your case from start to finish, which lets you manage the stress and personal impact of criminal charges.

Joanne Nevares

At first it was hard to find the proper dedicated attorneys in the Westchester Area for my needs but once I came across Greco Neyland attorneys I knew for sure that they would handle my needs with passion and care as they proved to do so. Jeff and Brian are both dedicated, knowledgable and passionate attorneys that alleviated a lot of stress and confusion, for that I am appreciative and I definitely would recommend anyone who is in need of an attorney to reach out to Greco Neyland Attorneys at Law.

Michael Yu

It was a pleasure working with Brian Valerio on my case. He was attentive, prompt and very informative with all the questions I had. I would highly recommend working with him on any case or questions you might have.

Chris S.

When I found myself in trouble I was referred to Jeff Greco as the solution to my problem. The first day I walked into his office and talked with him and his associate Brian Valerio to explain my case. Their level of attention to work and get the best results in my case was beyond my expectations. Both, Jeff and Brian, would provide me with answers every time I had a question regarding my case, without a doubt, they were always available to provide me the best service. Jeff and Brian managed to minimize my charges. To this day, I am very thankful I selected the right team to solve my case. Best attorneys you can have on your side.-Christian S

Yuling Yang

Choosing Brian was THE BEST decision we ever made. Through the entire process, Brian tried his best to fight for the best result, met with the assigned ADA and we were eventually able to get the case dismissed straight away. We could never asked for a better result! Brian has a strong personality in court, and we have complete faith that he would do his best to fight for us. To those who are looking for an attorney — Brian Valerio is the guy!

jessica eli

Excellent job !!!! Excellent service !!! Jeff is professional and changed my life ! I almost got DWI , instead got me violation . Thank you Jeff and his team ! Sofya future nurse 👩‍⚕️ 🙏

Marie Vargas

It is not until one is faced with a legal matter that one realizes that our legal system is far from perfect, and that innocence does not necessarily exempt you from legal jeopardy. Once caught in a legal matter, there is an emotional and stressful toll to pay which derives from the uncertainty of the unknown. I am very pleased and grateful that I was able to retain Brian’s services to attend to a most unpleasant experience. Throughout the duration, Brian was supportive and understanding. He explained legal lingo in terms that I could understand and often forwarded links to source where I could further understand the matters at hand. Brian displayed a commanding knowledge of his field while exercising caution in offering advice out of his area of expertise. While it is apparent that Brian is adroit in the courtroom, I was able to ascertain that he is a warm and caring professional. As my case developed and eventually unfolded into a very successful resolution, I was very happy and grateful that I had Brian Valerio in my corner.

Edward Piers

They did an extraordinary job with my case that money couldn’t buy. The results were the only thing that I cared about because me having anything on my record would caused me to lose my career. The time and consideration they give their clients is outstanding and I truly appreciate the effort that they put in. hey did everything for me and Handled it professionally.

Xris Pennington

One call from Jeff made everything go away.

Flavio Brino

Thank you, Greco Neyland for the excellent and professional work you did and the final outcome of my case! The initial case review was very productive, I was heard and received all the information I needed and, through the development of the case, I received all the support! Fully recommended!


I was struggling to find an attorney that could match my needs and I stumbled on Mehdi through the web the week of my court appearance. He got 3 counts of misdemeanors down to just a day of community service and with a 6month period of good behavior to have it sealed away completely as this was my biggest fear of having a record for 1 bad drunk night out. Very down-to-earth guy easy to communicate , and overall a smooth attorney to work with helped made the process easy to understand. I’m still surprised at how he pretty much only had a day to prepare but nailed it in courtroom to have my case pretty much dismissed. A1 attorney ,effecient, and just overall pleasant experience . Highly recommend!!!! Best of luck Mehdi thanks again.

Williamss Hays

I am very excited that Mehdi and Jeffrey were able to get my entire case dismissed and sealed. They were very attentive to my immigration status, time constraints of my case and my professional needs. Mehdi and Jeffrey were able to pull off a perfect resolution to my case.


Can’t recommend this group highly enough. Jeff was fast, professional, and knowledgeable when responding to my inquiry while I was in an extremely difficult situation. I was working with Mehdi who couldn’t have been more caring and clear. He consistently made sure I was understanding each part of the process and that I was comfortable with the actions we were taking. Mehdi went above and beyond for me and because of that I got the outcome I was hoping for. Mehdi even took the time to update my family so they could understand the process as well. I can’t thank them enough for how much they helped me through one of the most stressful incidents in my life.


The attorneys at Greco Neyland NYC are reliable, straight forward, efficient, and incredibly effective. After meeting with me, Jeff believed that he could help me; thanks to him and Mehdi I was cleared of all charges and now I am happy to say that they were able to prove my innocence.

Sargon Yako

Had the pleasure to have met Jeff and Mehdi. Both of these guys treated me like we have been friends for a long time. They kept all the bs off the table and made sure I was taken care of. The dream team of nyc and that is the truth.

Christopher Yuda

I hired Mehdi, and I would recommend his services to others. Patient and considerate, and very communicative. Great job.

Alexei Kalinin

From the first consult with Mehdi Essmidi I was put at ease about my situation. Mehdi was confident and professional. He was always easy to reach and explained every step of the process clearly. At the end of several months even the judge said what Mehdi did for me was remarkable, but Mehdi said he would’ve kept fighting it if it wasn’t for my time constraints with work. I place my whole confidence in Mehdi and Greco Neyland, PC and would recommend them every single time.

Ellen B

From the first moment that Jeff answered my call very early on a Monday morning, I knew that I had found the best attorneys for my son. He helped calm my fears and Medhi called me just about every hour to give me updates on the progress of getting my son out of jail. Both Mehdi & Jeff answered calls and texts on weekends, at nights, during holidays. Mehdi worked tirelessly to get the best possible outcome for my son. He patiently answered any questions I had. I’m grateful beyond words that he basically saved my son’s future.

Raymond Maldonado

I strongly recommend Greco Neyland, PC Firm. Since the first day Mehdi Essmidi was professional and answered all my questions, treated me not just like a client but more like a friend. It was a great experience getting able to win the case and having Mehdi as my lawyer.~ Raymond Maldonado

Mayrelis Guerra

If Google let me put 100 stars as a review, I would put them all. I want to thank the best team of lawyers in New York Greco Neyland and especially Medhi Essmidi who helped us make my dad’s case come to a satisfactory resolution after a long year of stress and worry, Medhi believed in the innocence of my Dad and always fight to the end, he is a 100% efficient lawyer and also a very good human being. Thank you very much for everything and God bless you. Greetings from Ariel and Family

Diana Duarte

I hire Mehdi Essmidy to represent my brother and he was able to get the case dismissed in less than a week! He is very responsive and on top of his work, glad I found him. Thank you so much, I definitely recommend him.

Hairo duarte

Mehdi is the best. He work hard and dismissed my case very fast. He knows what he’s doing, thank you.

Evander Rodriguez

my brother was arrested and charged for possession of drugs with a kilo he was charged with a class A felony and i called Greco Neyland and spoke to mehdi essmidi and he was the guy that help my out i definetly recommend him. my brother came out. all the charges were dismissed he is a free man now.

Tasha Mundy

Attorney Mehdi Essmidi was a life saver. I was in a very horrible situation, where I reached out to Mehdi on a Sunday, and was able to speak with him regarding my issues. Rather than wait until the following Monday, we set a time to meet & speak so take action in regards to my issues. Fast forward, my case was later dismissed – and my I was able to resume my daily life. Cheers to Mehdi.

Bernard Etheridge

I offer the highest possible recommendation for Mehdi Essmidi to represent anyone that requires a criminal defense attorney. Without the help of Mr. Essmidi of Greco Neyland, PC, I know that I would not have had the successful outcome I have had. Mr. Essmidi took the time to comprehend and understand my position. Mr. Essmidi made me feel comfortable as well as keeping constant communication with me while answering any questions I had. Mr. Essmidi made sure to take the time to explain my options so I could weigh the pros and cons and come to a conclusion that I believed was accurate and fair. Mr. Essmidi was a true professional at all times and knows his way around the court system. He went above and beyond what I expected and was fair with his billing as well. I would highly recommend Mr. Essmidi and the firm of Greco Neyland, PC.

keshuva pierce

I hired Mr. Medhi for my case. He was able to have the Judge throw out the case in a matter of time. Mr. Medhi is easy to reach if I needed to speak to him. He stayed on top of everything done in the courts. Thank you Mr. Medhi for helping me get my life back.

Nicholas Mitchell

simply amazing! I was extremely nervous about my brother’s case but Mehdi was very professional and jumped right into action and took care of the case! He talks the talk and delivers! I would absolutely recommend to anyone and everyone i know.

Æhmëd Ē

I’d rate this place more then 5 stars if I could , Mr. Mehdi was welcoming since the first day we arrived at his office. He welcomed us and told us to leave the worrying about the case to him. He was also very quick to respond and answer any questions I had. The day after we hired him he was already on top of the case and scheduling meetings. Best thing I’ve done was go to Greco Neyland pc , now I have a shot at a second chance in life.

Juan Valet

Mehdi Essmidi was a beacon of hope to me and my family at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. My children and I are eternally grateful for his service and I hereby recommend Mr Essmidi.

Juss Moneyyy

This is the best nyc law firm ever if you looking to win cases this is the place to go they are very professional and very good at what they do shout out to mehdi for winning my case will definitely keep Recommend !!!!

Jamie Fisher

2020 was a rough year for everyone. But for me it was even further burdened with my first arrest and being charged with multiple felonies. Thankfully I found my amazing lawyer, Mehdi. From our first sit down I knew I was in good hands. This man literally (and metaphorically) held my hand through almost a year of court appearances, charges, and eventually my plea deal. He told me one Day 1 that the best case scenarip would be a Disorderly Conduct but it would be a long and hard road to try to get that. Word to the wise: do NOT admit all your guilt at time of arrest! Somehow this magical lawyer did it, he got a plea for Disorderly Conduct! He worked tirelessly and hard for it. He calmed my anxiety and called me to give me updates as soon as he got them. Even though I know he had other clients, I very much felt like a priority. I was heard and understood. I can not express enough gratitude and thanks to Mehdi for, honestly, saving my life. Going through a criminal charge is very stressful and very scary. But Mehdi not only helped me but made me happy. I am overjoyed with how my case turned out. Highly highly recommend if you find yourself in a situation where you need a lawyer.

Isaiah Walter

Mehdi did an incredible job on my cousins case with being on top of the case and resolving it beyond what i could imagine. I highly recommend hiring this man because he will do everything it takes to get the job done.

ware ware

This 5 starts is for Mehdi Essmidi. One day I was driving and accidentally I took a wrong way. Therefore, I was pulled over by a police officer and got a Reckless driven citation, ticket. I was so worried about it because I never had a criminal history in my life and that criminal ticket could ruined my life. But, thank God I met Attorney Mehdi Essmidi. He supported me since the first day we met. Mehdi is a professional and at the same time his personality is incredible. Mehdi is so friendly that when you meet him you might even forget his your attorney. He always answers my phone calls and reply to my text messages. Mehdi helps me to dismiss my reckless driving ticket on my very first hearing. I really recommend Mehdi to represent you. You won’t be disappointed because he will do the best of his ability to help you solve your matter. I’am very happy today that my ticket was dismissed. Thank you Mehdi. In addition, thank you Daniel and to all Greco neyland staff.

Nev Rose

Great, professional work. No gimmicks, straightforward and will help and support you through anything.

Laura Scott

I needed a lawyer during one of the most chaotic and stressful nights of my life. I was arrested and my mother hired Mehdi at Greco Neyland. Mehdi handled my case swiftly, professionally, compassionately, and most importantly, with tremendous skill! I had some very serious charges and he was able to get them virtually removed. Being thrown into “the system” can be daunting. I highly recommend Mehdi and his team to help you navigate the court system and get you a resolution you can be proud of. I will be staying out of trouble but I am so happy to know the right person to call if I ever get in trouble again!

Chantelle65 Elliott

Attorney Mehdi Essmidi represented me in a trial and from the start I could tell that he knew exactly what to do. He was knowledgeable and prepared on the law.. Thanks to Mehdi the jury found me not guilty. More importantly thanks to his work, Mehdi helped me prove my innocence when the police wrongfully accused me and the prosecutors refused to help me find Justice. If you’re accused of a crime and you need an attorney that can actually help you, you need to call Mehdi. He’s definitely worth it.

Gonzalo Domínguez

I am very happy with the results, this lawyer is very kind and was always there when I needed him. If I could give him 100 stars, I would. He is very professional and very honest I really recommend him if you are looking for a good lawyer he is the one you need thanks Mehdi essmidi

Anowar Wadud

when i was needed help ,i found lawyer mehdi essmidi .he help me out with my case . and he help me everything i need . he was really nice . thank you mr mehdi essmidi

Mm Zhao

I appreciate everything Mr. Essmidi has done for me and helped me a lot. For example, he handled case progress properly. When the court accidentally made a wrong judgment on my pre-sentence, Mr.Essmidi made an immediate correction. Every report he wrote about me to the judge was truthful and explained clearly, so that the judge clearly understood who I was. And as a proficient lawyer, he did his best to minimize my charges and punishment. I am very grateful to him, my lawyer, Mr.Essmidi.

Annete Valencia

My family worked with Mehdi following some charges that were brought up against a family member. Upon meeting with Mehdi, we always had constant communication with him, which is great as he never pushed us off onto his legal team for questions and concerns that came up. In many previous experiences with attorneys, most of our communication took place with the legal team rather than the attorney themselves. Mehdi made it clear to us that he cared by having open conversations with us, as well as being available throughout the course of this court case. Mehdi is knowledgeable, empathetic and kind. I extend my gratitude to him for all he’s done for our family during this tough situation. If you’re looking for an attorney who is dedicated and client-oriented, Mehdi Essmidi is the way to go.

Elyor Elyor

They helped me to dismiss my case for a fair price, so I want to thank them for the good work they did for me.

Bridgid John

I was represented by attorney Eli of Greco Neyland, PC in a serious legal matter. Attorney Eli is a steady hand and was very delligent and persistent in getting the best outcome on my case which resulted in what I was waiting and hoping for. I highly recommend representative Eli.

Anis Ladram

If you’re looking for a reliable attorney, available whenever you need him, this is the place to go. Newly arrived in the city, I found myself in a very unfortunate situation, but Jeff Greco and his team were able to resolve the situation very quickly. I highly recommend them!

Laura Scott

Today is a great day because my case has been closed! Crazy to think that I called this firm on the worst day of my life, and they immediately handled my case with utmost importance and professionalism. They guided me through a slow and confusing process with pure skill, and have delivered exactly what they said they would. Would highly recommend to anyone in trouble with the cops

Rick Messer

Outstanding Communication and expedite results.

Daniel Kalloo

Jeff G. and Eli Crozier are simply the best. They help me get through my case and walked me through every step of the process as it was my first encounter with the law. Highly recommend to anyone in need of an attorney!!


I received a summons on a trip to NYC and reached out to Greco Neyland for assistance. Eli was able to get my case dismissed without me ever needing to travel back to the city to appear in court. Would highly recommend.

Matthew Menendez

In the midst of one of my most difficult situations, I had the good fortune to discover Greco Neyland Attorneys at Law. I had put myself in a position where I was dealing with several criminal allegations. With my professional career just beginning to ramp up, this was probably the worst situation I could be in. That’s when I first met Eli Crozier and Jeffrey Greco. They explained our plan going forward, and above all, they gave me solid advice as a person. Through it all, they stayed in touch, provided regular updates, and did their due diligence. Eli Crozier ultimately succeeded in having my case dismissed and sealed. The experience I had with Greco Neyland PC was one with utmost professionalism and significance. If I could give them a higher rating I would.

djemonde shaw

I came across this firm while I was facing charges for something I didn’t do. I contacted the firm and they immediately got the ball rolling. Eli Crozier handled my case with care and guided me every step of the way. He kept me informed with everything that was happening (evidence from the prosecution, all charges I was up against). Even though the odds looked like they were stacked against me, Eli got the charges dismissed and sealed. I would highly recommend this firm because the communication was great, they kept their promise from the beginning and delivered in the end.

Jide Johnson

After months of litigation, my competent and skilled lawyer did not feel comfortable going to trial, and then I met Jeff and Eli. In less than 3 months, they got me a deal that avoided trial and kept everyone happy. Throughout the process, they communicated with me and made sure that I understood what was going on. I would highly recommend their services.

Kristelle Grant

If you need legal advice and representation, I would highly recommend you go to Greco and Neyland. They not only helped us get through a very difficult time with excellent legal advice, but they also made sure we were prepared every step of the way. They responded promptly and reassured us that we were in great hands. I truly don’t know how our case would have ended without them intervening.

Alexander Cavaluzzo

Professional, whip-smart, got my case dismissed with little effort. Willing to answer questions and talk things out A to Z.

Josh Prentiss

Helped me beat my case


I couldn’t speak better words than thank you for securing my future dreams by helping me eliminate my past mistakes and issues that were holding me back for the past 19 years! Facing a federal felony and walking away a free woman has solidified my faith in this law firm. Mr. Jeffrey Greco and Mr. Eli Crozier were extremely helpful with the entire process and delivered on their promise of fast and efficient service with the upmost professionalism. They didn’t sell me dreams and lies however kept it realistic and grounded me on my expectations. Best money I ever spent! Invest in yourself and hire Greco Neyland for your legal needs, you seriously will not regret it! Thanks again!