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Domestic Violence Arrest By NYPD

Each year officers with the New York Police Department (NYPD) responds to more than 250,000 domestic incidents. Officers that respond to these calls face unpredictable situations. Officers are trained to make an arrest even when they have serious doubts about the veracity of the complaining witness.

The alleged victims of domestic violence are referred to one of more than 350 domestic violence prevention officers, investigators and supervisors in precincts throughout New York City.
The NYPD has a domestic violence unit in every precinct in New York City. Officers in this unit are specially trained to handle domestic violence cases. Alleged victims can call the local precinct to speak with the domestic violence officer.

After an incident, Domestic Violence officers visit the homes of victims as well as provide referrals to court, counseling services and shelter alternatives. The Domestic Violence officers help the alleged victims creat safety plans and obtain orders of protection.

In New York County (Manhattan), there were a total of 4,843 victims of domestic violence reported in 2015 with 2,583 women and 676 men and 1,575 other family members. City-wide the number of domestic violence victims were 33,808 with 18,422 women, 4002 men and 11,373 other family members.

Attorney For Domestic Violence In NYC

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Additional Resources

NYPD on Domestic Violence Crime Prevention – Visit the website of the City of New York to learn more about preventing crimes involving domestic violence through enforcement efforts and public outreach. Each local precinct and service area has a domestic violence office. The Domestic Violence Unit of the NYPD investigates incidents of domestic violences, helps to ensure the safety of victims, and helps educate the public during awareness outreach projects.

Family Justice Centers in Manhattan – Victims and their families can access resources relatd to NYPD, the court and social service at the Family Justice Centers. To get to the Family Justice Center in Manhatan by subway take the 456 to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall, the NYCS JNYCS Z to Chambers Street, the NYCS NNYCS RNYCS Q to Canal Street, the NYCS 1NYCS 23 to Chambers Street or the NYCS AC to Chambers Street.

NYC Family Justice Center Manhattan
80 Centre St.
(212) 602-2800

NYPD’s U Certification Office – For non-citizens wanting to stay in the United States, special protections apply if that person also claims to be a victim of domestic violence after applying for a U Visa Certification Request. The NYPD U Certification Office handles all certification requests regardless of the qualifying crime.

Domestic Violence Unit
New York City Police Department
One Police Plaza – Room 1312-O
New York, NY 10038

2015 New York State Domestic Violence Legislative Summaries – Find bills signed into law by the Governor of New York related to temporary orders of protection in domestic violence cases, orders of protection in sexual assault, victim rights notices, campus sexual assault and interpersonal violence, and trafficking victim protection and justice act.
NYPD UCR Domestic Violence Report by NYC County – Visit the website of the Division of Criminal Justice Services to find data from 2015. The data is published in the NYPD’s Uniform Crime Reports. Most law enforcement agencies in the State of New York use UCR crime categories of “aggravated assault” and “simple assault“, NYC data instead shows the categories of “felonious assault” and “assault third degree & related offenses”. The data is derived from top charge of the reported complaint and the relationship / intimate partner information collected by the NYPD crime reporting system. The source of the data is the NYPD Cognos datawarehouse (as of 3/2016).

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