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Federal drug conspiracy charges catch many people by surprise. It takes very little by way of affirmative actions in order to be found guilty of this charge. In addition, federal conspiracy charges carry very severe penalties, the same as those imposed on people who have done far more in furtherance of the criminal activities.

When a person faces federal drug conspiracy charges, it is crucial to have the right attorneys fighting on their side. The passionate and knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys at Greco Neyland, PC are ready to aggressively defend each and every client against the charges brought by overzealous prosecutors.

In order for a person to be charged with federal drug conspiracy, it is necessary for a prosecutor to demonstrate:

  • There is an actual conspiracy to commit a federal drug crime that involves two or more individuals; and
  • The person being charged knew about the conspiracy and knowingly took actions to further the conspiracy, even if those actions did not result in any actual furtherance of the conspiracy.

What is critical to understand is that the person being charged did not ever have to be in actual possession of the drugs at the center of the conspiracy, nor did the actions that he took actually have to further the conspiracy. It is the intent that matters rather than the effectiveness of the actions.

There are times when a person can face charges of conspiracy in New York for instructing other members of the conspiracy with the best methods for growing marijuana or by storing the drugs in his basement during some part of the transactions that make up the conspiracy.

There are circumstances where a person charged with a conspiracy does not even interact with other members of the conspiracy. Often times, this is the case where there is a large conspiracy organized by one person or small group of people at the center of actions. Many people caught up in the edges do not even realize that there is the potential for serious, life-altering consequences if criminal charges are brought.

The truly horrific part of federal drug conspiracy charges is that someone who participated in the conspiracy at a very low level may face the same lengthy prison term as the person at the center of the conspiracy.

Federal prosecutors love to bring conspiracy charges against a whole group of people. Many times, these Assistant United States Attorneys have worked with law enforcement officers from several different federal agencies in order to gather the evidence necessary to cast a very wide net.

In order to defend against these charges, a criminal defense attorney must be prepared to evaluate every piece of evidence, as well as the procedures utilized by the law enforcement officers in gathering the information, to get the results that the client deserves.

At Greco Neyland, PC, the two founding members have gained experience working as narcotics prosecutors in order to learn how to defend against the charges levied and provide the best possible defense to the client.

Greco Neyland, PC Believes In Zealous Defense Of Their Clients From Beginning To End

As a person who may be facing criminal charges, it is understandable if you are swayed by the flashy advertisements of Manhattan attorneys who talk about their years of experience, but many times, a person finds himself being pressured into accepting a plea deal that leads to serious consequences by an attorney with an eye on a quick resolution when he believes that he would be better off going to trial.

At Greco Neyland, PC, our skilled New York Criminal Defense Attorneys are always prepared to go to trial and will not recommend a plea deal just to collect a fee and move on to the next case. Our attorneys will review every aspect of the case to discover the weaknesses and we are prepared to challenge the evidence, as well as the legality of the investigative actions, at trial. They will go over all available options and discuss the pros and cons of each one, ultimately letting the client decide which path they wish to take.

We have a Manhattan office that is convenient to the federal courthouses in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. We offer aggressive criminal defense at reasonable rates. In order to schedule an initial free consultation, please call us at (212) 951-1300.

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