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If you received a Desk Appearance Ticket (“D.A.T.”) or pink summons in Manhattan the case may be heard at the community court in Midtown Manhattan. The court handles cases where the summons or D.A.T. was issued within a certain area around the New York City Police

Department Police Precinct. The courthouse for Community Court is located at 314 West 54th Street. Cases resolved in this court often require completing certain programs such as drug treatment programs, restitution or community service.

The Midtown Community Court was launched in 1993 and operates as a public/private partnership among the New York State Unified Court System, the City of New York and the Center for Court Innovation.

The Court has expanded to handle cases that originate in four separate precincts. It is the sole adolescent diversion and human trafficking court in Manhattan. The Court focuses on minor, non-violent offending, emphasizing rehabilitation and alternatives to jail wherever possible. The Court focuses on quality-of-life offenses including: prostitution; shoplifting; farebeating; and vandalism.

Many of credited community court with helping the community and reducing crime. The Community Court in Midtown Manhattan has seen a drop in prostitution arrests by 56 percent and illegal vending cases have dropped by 24 percent.

Funding For The Community Court In NYC

The Midtown Community Court has received funding from a variety of sources including the federal government, local government and dozens of foundations and corporations. The website for the Community Court in Midtown Manhattan is funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Additional Resources

Midtown Community Court – Visit the website for the Center for Court Innovation to find out more about Manhattan’s Midtown Community Court. The community court in Midtown Manhattan was launched in 1993 and is named as one fo the country’s first “problem-solving” courts.

Midtown Community Court Contact Information – Visit the website of the New York State Unified Court System to find information about the current judge, the Honorable Felicia Mennin, the Deputy Chief Clerk, public transportation directions, and the address to the clerk’s office.

Midtown Community Court on Wiki – Find more information on the Community Court in Midtown Manhattan including information on other community courts throughout the world including in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, Great Britain and Melbourne, Australia.

Arraignment at the Manhattan Criminal Court for New York County – Each year more than 85,000 arraignments take place in the New York County (Manhattan) in the Manhattan Criminal Court then the case will be heard at Criminal Court building located at 100 Centre Street on the first floor.

Finding An Attorney For Midtown Community Court

If you received a pink summons or Desk Appearance Ticket (D.A.T.) for Manhattan’s Midtown Community Court then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Greco Neyland, PC.

We represent clients throughout Manhattan and the surrounding areas of New York City.
Contact a criminal defense lawyer in Manhattan who can help you at each stage of the case from the initial appearance, to the the arraignment through trial. Call or contact us to discuss defenses to your case and the best ways to resolve the criminal accusation.

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