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Avoid Theft Charges: Check Your Cart and Check It Twice

It’s probably not surprising to learn theft and shoplifting charges spike during the holiday season. And while no doubt some of these charges happen because some people are in financial distress while feeling socially pressured to come up with gifts, we happen to know of another. Sheer chaos. You see, in the middle of the…

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5 Things to Expect if You Testify in a NYC Criminal Trial

The decision to testify in an NYC criminal trial is always made with the advice and counsel of your NYC defense lawyer. The decision to testify is often a tough one. There are often competing reasons in favor and against testifying in front of the jury. On one hand, a defendant’s testimony in an NYC…

DWI Reminders for the Holiday Season

As everyone in NYC races to holiday parties the chances of getting pulled over due to a suspicion of DWI are higher than ever. This danger has not passed just because the Thanksgiving Weekend crackdown has. The State of New York is relentless about prosecuting these cases. And there are more eyes on drivers than…

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Is Ignorance of the Law a Defense to NY Criminal Charges?

Are you facing NY criminal charges? If so, it is time to hire a defense lawyer. Throughout an NY criminal case and trial, your criminal defense lawyer will perform a number of crucial functions. Your NY lawyer will communicate with the court and file court documents, negotiate with the prosecutor, and advise you on whether…

How to Help a Loved One Who Has Been Accused of a Crime

When someone you care about gets arrested it’s natural to feel paralyzed. How did this happen? What should you do? How can you help? If you are committed to doing so there are quite a few ways you can help an accused loved one. Help them find a lawyer. Many defendants forget to ask for…

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NY Sexual Assault: When It’s a Crime, Repercussions, & Your Defense

This past summer several newspapers and online publications released startling statistics about reports of rape and NY sexual assault in NYC. In the month of May 2018, there were 181 rapes reported, which is an increase of 39% from a year earlier. And this statistic doesn’t account for the climbing number of other sexual-based offenses…

5 Tips for Getting Back On Your Feet After a Criminal Conviction

As New York City criminal lawyers we work hard to make sure our clients stay out of prison. Helping you keep your freedom is our number one goal. However, sometimes it’s not always possible to get an acquittal. It’s not always possible to get a case dismissed. Sometimes the facts of the case are such…

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4 Things You Should Know About a First DWI in New York

Are you facing charges for driving while intoxicated (DWI) in New York City? All charges for DWI are intimidating and stressful, but a first DWI in New York can be particularly nerve-wracking and scary. There is so much unknown about a criminal trial and court hearings – even the terminology used during a DWI in…

What You Need to Know About Court Fees and Fines

Many people don’t know it, but our justice system comes with some invisible punishments that can have a huge impact on your life if you get tangled up in them. These invisible punishments take the form of a myriad of court fees and fines, and a series of severe punishments you could face if you…

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Understanding Murder vs Manslaughter Charges in New York

At the end of October, a woman from the Upper West Side of New York City was charged with the murder of her neighbor. While the investigation is ongoing, the 24-year-old was arrested on October 31st after her 70-year-old neighbor was discovered with a slash wound to her neck. The defendant is also accused of…

Cybercrimes: How the Internet Has Changed NY Theft Crimes

By Greco Neyland / November 5, 2018 / Comments Off on Cybercrimes: How the Internet Has Changed NY Theft Crimes

It is 2018, and do you know where the majority of NY theft crimes take place? It isn’t on dark alleys in NYC or shopping malls in the NY suburbs. The vast majority of NY theft is occurring online, and the rate of cybercrimes will only increase in upcoming years. As one of the top…

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