Are You Facing Criminal Charges?
You Need A Former Prosecutor On Your Side

In a criminal case, as the defendant, you are looking for any advantage you can gain, over the prosecution. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer who is a former prosecutor can weigh heavily in your favor.

A former prosecutor has been trained just as the prosecutors who are seeking to have you convicted.

We know what they are thinking, and what they are seeking to do before they do it because we have been there before. Former prosecutors generally have tried a lot of criminal cases to a jury, and you want a seasoned criminal defense lawyer who has tried cases from both sides of the aisle representing you.

Wouldn't you want a lawyer who not only used their same playbook but actually has a copy of their playbook with him, when your freedom is on the line?

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The Greco Neyland, PC Difference For Our Clients

Many times a law firm, or a lawyer, will do everything they can to impress you to hire them. They will make all sorts of promises and talk up a big game.

But then after you have paid them money, there is no follow through and you can barely get them on the phone.

We are all too familiar with clients coming to us and complaining of that treatment from their current lawyer before they fire them and hire us.

Our mantra is simple:
Total Preparation.
Total fight.

We begin by preparing the defense to counter the prosecution's case at hand. We utilize a team of investigators (all former NYPD Detectives) to get that critical witness interviewed or located, or have surveillance videos pulled before they have been deleted.

We go over the case strategy with you as it develops. We are always available to discuss the latest on your case and we are ready to fight the prosecution.

If you are not gearing up for a fight, what is the point in hiring a lawyer?